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Hinchas y Jugadores - Burgos CF with Sergio Asecas (10th May, 2017)

Sergio Asecas is 19 years old and was born in Burgos. He studies Audiovisual Communication there and loves the city, and that translates into love for the club.

Just to clarify, he supports Burgos CF, the team founded in 1922, disappeared in 1983 and refounded in 1994, which is nowadays the main team in the city of Burgos. Real Burgos is the historical team that reached the first division in the 90’s, founded in 1983 - it stopped playing when Burgos CF was refounded, but it started to compete again a few years ago, playing nowadays in a lower category.

You can follow him on Twitter here.

If you want to find out more about Burgos, Sergio recommends two really good websites where the members discuss about the season, the club and those things - click here and here.

How long have you been a fan of Burgos and what made you support them in the first place?

I’ve been a fan of Burgos since I became interested in football at 6-7 years. However, there was a time (from 9-14 years) when I lost interest in football, so I didn’t pay any attention to football in general. I became interested in football again when I reached 15 years, that’s when I became a member of Burgos CF, from then until now. I also chose Burgos CF because here in Spain, people support Real Madrid or Barcelona, which makes me really sad: small city teams are running out of support because of this duality, which turns into a duopoly.

Given the transfer windows and the squad that was assembled at the start of the season, is Burgos where you want it to be?

Well, we’ve had a really difficult year. In fact, we are still having it. At the end of the first round, on December 17th, there were elections, when the current club management was elected. When the squad was assembled, the former club management was still in command, and they promised us that with these players we were going to reach the promotion play-offs. Now, we are trying to avoid the relegation, so sadly I guess Burgos is not where it was supposed to be at the beginning of the campaign.

Of the signings made this season, which one worked out the best/had the most impact and why?

I am not too happy with the signings made this season, because now we are trying to avoid the relegation when we were supposed to be playing for the promotion. But if I had to choose a player, I think I would choose Jorge Fernández. He is a really hard-working player and I am very happy with him. He can play wherever the coach says, and he has a providential shoot. He hasn’t scored any goal yet, but he has helped a lot, fighting any ball and making really good assists.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Burgos this season? Any standout players?

This year we are suffering a lot in the defensive aspect. We are a team who score goals (37 in 34 matches*), but we concede too many goals (44 in 34 matches*). That’s why we are suffering a lot this season. We don’t have any standout player, that’s the other reason why we are as we are: we don’t have players who make a real difference. Anyway, I would highlight Adrián Hernández, who is the top scorer of our team with 11 goals. As I have said, he is not the best player of the category, but he is a hard-working man and we value him a lot.

List some things you appreciate and some things you can’t stand about the club management. 

About the current club management I can’t say many things because they were elected four months ago. However, in election time, they said they were going to bring really good players in winter who could improve the situation, but they brought three medium profile players, who are playing really well, anyway, but the situation is still bad. We’ll see how they do next months, but the first impressions aren’t very positive.

What has the mood among the fans been during the campaign? Do you generally agree/disagree with them?

The mood among the fans has been bad, and I agree with them. We were really disappointed with the former club management, and we wanted them to go, so we complained until they said they were going to leave the club and call elections, especially when we lost against Palencia (who were in the last position, so then we occupied that last position). But when they said that they were going to call elections, we all decide to stop complaining about the management (they were going to go) and start encouraging our team to pass through that bad situation all together.

Are there any talented youngsters at the club that you expect to have a big future?

I think we have really talented youngsters at the club like Sergio Esteban or Germán Marijuán, but, unless they don’t go a higher team, they won’t be appreciated here, because in all Burgos teams’ history, there has not been any club management who has been especially interested in the team’s quarry.

If you could make one realistic signing for Burgos this summer who would it be?

I don’t know too much about any other players of other groups or divisions, but the new club management has said that they are going to sign really good players next season to achieve the promotion. We’ll see if they accomplish this promises, or if they don’t do it, but first we have to avoid the relegation, which is a tough challenge.

Finally, predicted finish for Burgos?

Now, we are 15th with 39 points*, and the relegation is at 35 points. However, we have the same points as the 16th places team, who occupies the relegation play-off place. We have 4* tough matches before finishing the campaign, so I don’t know if we are going to avoid relegation, but I’m really scared. I hope we avoid it and start thinking about next season, but it wouldn’t be weird if we are relegated.

*At the time of interview.


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