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This is a list of articles I have written elsewhere in reverse chronological since the foundation of this blog, circa 16th February, 2017 at 10 am UK time.

Sorry for highlighting the Hinchas y Jugadores project nine times. I'm really proud of it!

November 2017

  1. An exclusive interview with former Deportivo La Coruna man Cristian Hidalgo - Cristian Hidalgo is a La Masia graduate, who has played for La Liga sides such as Deportivo and Hércules. Not to mention his foreign adventures in Cyprus, India Bulgaria, Israel, Morocco and Romania. You can read this exclusive interview, where I find out more about Cristian’s youth days and his experiences in football, on BackPageFootball here.

October 2017

  1. My first interview! On Juan Quero, with the website dedicated to his former club Chonburi FC - I had written an article on Juan Quero - a former Rayo player and current Fuenlabrada player. But he is also a globetrotter, or trotamundos as the Spanish say, having played in Malta, Thailand, India, the UAE and Bolivia.
    Since Juan Quero played for Chonburi FC, the English-language website dedicated to the Thai club got in touch with me to ask a few questions about this blog, and my thoughts on Juan Quero.
    This is the first time I've been interviewed, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. You can find it here (click on the link, then search Juan Quero).

September 2017

  1. An exclusive interview with Rayo Majadahonda coach Ignacio Arenas Llorente - This summer, Rayo Majadahonda made club history, reaching the Segunda B’s promotion playoffs for the first time ever. In this interview, I spoke to a coach within the club, who witnessed it first hand. You can read on The Football Experience right here.

August 2017

  1. Tottenham could have a hidden gem in Paulo Gazzaniga - My piece on Paulo Gazzaniga, who moved to Tottenham, on his season at Rayo for CartilageFreeCaptain. You can read it here.
  2. An interview with Al Rayyan assistant coach Albert Fernández - My interview with Al Rayyan assistant coach Albert Fernández for, who talks about his journey in football coaching and the state of football in Qatar. You can read it here.
  3. Peruvian residents in Spain – the youngsters with much to prove - A piece on the Peruvians who at the time played in Spain. It was written for The Peruvian Waltz - a website dedicated to Peruvian football. You can read it here.
  4. Interview – Fuenlabrada’s Ricardo Manuel Pinza Álvarez - My interview with new Fuenlabrada's new Juvenil A coach Ricardo Manuel Pinza Álvarez, talking about all things coaching. You can read it on here.

July 2017

  1. Yuri, Igor and Charles – The Brazilian football family - A collaboration with Chris Pidgeon, a Ponferradina fan and, by extension, a Yuri admirer. It's the story of three Brazilian cousins who "made it" in Spain - Charles, Igor and Yuri. I talked about the unlikely rise of Charles despite the odds, and Chris talked about Yuri and what he means for Ponferradina fans. It was published on my other blog here, and on Chris' blog here.
  2. Interview - Angolan national team manager Beto Bianchi - My interview with Angolan national team manager Beto Bianchi, who detailed his experiences as a player and a manager. It was published on Back Page Football here.
  3. Carlos Aranda - Two UCL titles, eight La Liga clubs, and unemployment - I wrote about ex-Villarreal striker Carlos Aranda, a player who won two Champions League titles and played for a record eight La Liga clubs. It was published on here and on here.

June 2017

  1. The militarist who terrorized defenses - Salva Ballesta - My piece about Salva Ballesta, the striker with controversial political views off the pitch and a knack for goals on it. It was published on here and on here.
  2. Interview: Ex-Cádiz player and globe-trotting Spaniard Carlos Martínez - A broken youth system, a pressuring agent and Spain’s dire finances – I found out more about the fascinating story of Carlos Martínez. It was published on Back Page Football here.
  3. Exclusive: Interview with ex-Atlético coach Jose Gómez - My piece for Into The Calderon - an exclusive interview with Jose Gómez, who talks about his experiences at Atlético - where he worked for over seven years - and at Rayo, as well as his future plans. You can read it here.
  4. Replaced by Johan Cruyff for his son Jordi - Luis Cembranos - I narrate the story of an ex-Barcelona youth player who was personally recommended by Johan Cruyff, but was then replaced by Johan - for his son Jordi. You can read it on (here).
  5. The Szymanowski siblings - united in struggle - I wrote about Marianela and Alex Szymanowski and their struggle to reach the top tiers of football. You can read it on here.
  6. INTERVIEW: Football Coach – Xavi Pérez Ureña - I interviewed Xavi Pérez Ureña, a football coach with over 15 years of experience coaching teams around Spain, and who has seen both the bright sides and the dark sides of lower league football. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  7. Another crazy final day - Check out on VillarrealUSA my preview for the last jornada in the Segunda. It's a long, annual, one-year tradition that I decided to hold up. You can read it here.
  8. Kiko Narváez: Atlético's magician on the ball - He saved Cádiz from relegation, he won an Olympic gold medal and he won the double with Atlético. But despite his height, the forward was revered for his feet and not his head. My piece for Into The Calderon, which you can read here.
  9. Bad intentions, little consequence: Atlético's package deal of 2000 - In 2000, as Atlético struggled to assemble a squad, a package deal of three Rayo players was arranged against their will. I wrote a piece for Into the Calderon about the story - you can read it here.
  10. The late bloomer - Cartagena's Mariano Sánchez - He reached the Segunda at he age of 31, the Segunda B at 26. This is the story of Cartagena legend Mariano Sánchez. It was published on (here) and on (here).

May 2017

  1. A sorcerer, a van Gaal reject and two slayed Goliaths - the story of Diego Cascón - I wrote about the story of van Gaal reject Diego Cascón - a story that involves warding off the evil eye and slaying Real Madrid and Villarreal. It was published on (here) and on (here).
  2. An exclusive interview with Real Murcia defender Román Golobart - I interviewed 25-year-old Espanyol youth graduate Román Golobart who has already played in England and Germany. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  3. An exclusive interview with Roger Riera - I interviewed ex-Barcelona and current Celta Vigo defender Roger Riera about his move to Nottingham and La Masia. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  4. An exclusive interview with Pablo Couñago - I interviewed ex-Málaga and Ipswich legend Pablo Couñago about his experiences in Spain and abroad. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  5. An exclusive interview with Jade Boho Sayo - I interviewed an ex-Rayo and ex-Atlético striker with three consecutive league titles. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  6. An exclusive interview with Gerard Nus - I interviewed the legend who staged a protest against the Ghana FA for non-payment of staff - and won. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  7. An interview with ex-Barcelona player Damià Abella - I talked to ex-Barcelona player Damià Abella, who rose from the eighth tier to the first in just two seasons. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  8. An exclusive interview with Daniel Huertas - I interviewed a former Leganés youth graduate and nephew of ex-Atlético striker Juan Sabas. He talked about his experiences in Spain and in New York. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  9. Another exclusive interview with Mikel Alonso - I interviewed Mikel Alonso in December 2015, where he opened up about his hiatus from professional football. He agreed to a second interview - this one. This was a part of the Hinchas y Jugadores project. You can read it on this blog (here) and on (here).
  10. The curious case of Mo Diame – from Rayo Vallecano stardom to Magpies mediocrity - I wrote about Mohamed Diamé and his time at Rayo for You can read it here.

April 2017

  1. Osasuna and Iran, an unlikely connection - I wrote about the Iranians who moved to Osasuna and their impact on Spanish football. It was published on (here).
  2. The foreign duo from Gipuzkoa - I wrote about the duo that tore up La Liga - Darko Kovačević and Nihat Kahveci. It was published on my other blog (here) and on (here).
  3. Francisco Javier López Bravo - malagueño through and through - a former Málaga center-back who took the club, in institutional chaos, from the Tercera to La Liga in just seven seasons. It was published on my other blog (here) and on (here).
  4. President, Politician and Plutocrat - Jesús Gil - I wrote about Jesús Gil on SBNation's Into the Calderon, exploring the facets of a man who managed to make a historic sports club, its youth academy, a historic city, and Spanish politics look like a joke. You can read it here.

March 2017

  1. Manolo Lucena, Granada's match delegate - a former Granada center-back and current match delegate who represents Granada more than anyone else. It was published on my other blog (here) and on (here).
  2. Ramón de Quintana - the unluckiest player in Spain - A former Rayo center-back who suffered a record eight relegations. It was published on my other blog (here) and on (here).
  3. Betis Club of Valladolid – the Betis you’ve never heard of - An article about CD Betis CF, a club based in Valladolid, on, which is run by the incredible Ben Hardman. Check it out here.
  4. Rayo vs Oviedo match preview - A collaboration with John Mothershaw of OviedoFans. We looked at how both teams had been doing in the season relative to the ability of the squad as well as potential strengths and weaknesses. It was published on this blog here, on OviedoFans here and also on OviedistaNorthWest here.
  5. Marcos Alonso: Football in his blood - A history article - on a blog whose name is We Ain't Got No History (of SBNation). The blog post was about Marcos Alonso and his family of footballers. You can read it here.
  6. Ferdinand Daučík - the best manager ever in Spain - Need I say more? To be fair, he is highly underrated, easily the best and most experienced in Spain and it is a shame that he gets very little attention (perhaps because he's foreign). It's on (here).
  7. Rayo, Cádiz and a history of friendship - Ahead of the Rayo - Cádiz game, I wrote an article about their friendship and the history of their ultra groups (the Bukaneros and the Brigadas Amarillas) on (here).
  8. La conexión alcoyana - Jorge Molina and Juli - An article I absolutely loved working on. It's about about Jorge Molina and Juli and their contrasting stories on my other blog (here) and on (here).

February 2017

  1. The story of Raúl Tamudo - I wrote a post on Raúl Tamudo way back in September 2015 (a few months after he had retired). It was my first ever article and I am still very proud of it. (Read it here). However, it was slightly incomplete - there were more aspects of his career that could have been detailed, and he has given interviews since which are very interesting and worth documenting. Therefore, I expanded it - I published the rewritten version on my other blog (here) and on (here).
I have written over 50 articles before this. And I'm proud of each of them. What I'm not proud of is the fact that they were spread out over more than a year, which is why this blog was created - to write everyday.

If you're interested, you can see all of those pieces here.


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